Illustrated fables for children by Christy Astremsky

Illustrated fable collections for children by Christy Astremsky

Fables in verse are both entertaining and educational.
There are five stories in each collection.

Each story is complemented by colorful illustrations, where its characters: animals and birds - come to life. They act like people and demonstrate the good and bad aspects of life.

About the Fables:

Our colorful characters will tell children in simple words about difficult life situations,
about vices and virtues.
Their actions will show the true meaning of courage and cowardice,
honesty and deceit, friendship and betrayal.
Those fables teach kids to be industrious, confident and, of course, to help others.

Swallows will help your child discover the beauty and splendor of the world.
A “know-it-all” Hen gets into an argument with them.
Jackal the flatterer gets just what he deserves from the mean Tiger.
A little bird boldly combats an evil Cat to protect his friend.
Two Mockingbirds start fighting suddenly and no one will know why.
But the kids will learn the real cause of any conflict from the fable.

Find this and much more in those illustrated fables!

The Swallows Collection

The Swallows collection includes five fables. These stories talk about such virtues as courage, helping others and having confidence in one’s own abilities.

Also, readers will see the results of cowardice and understand the real reason behind people fighting, as well as how important it is to fight back in difficult situations and pursue their goals.

Young readers will meet a cowardly Seagull who stopped flying because he was afraid of hardships; a narrow-minded Hen who does not see beyond its own beak; the Hare - an incompetent carpenter who bragged a lot but was completely inept; the Crow who criticized everybody but made a fool of himself because he had nothing to show for his own work.

The Parrot Collection

Young readers will laugh at the Parrot who can only repeat things after the others but suddenly decides that he is very intelligent and talented. 

In one of the fables a little Sparrow is not going to be scared by the evil Cat and will risk his life for his friend.

In another story Jackal the flatterer tries to be friends with a mean Tiger, but flattery and friendship are incompatible.

The story about the Zebra teaches us to live in peace with others despite our differences.

The Lion Collection

This collection of fables will reveal an important life secret, which is actually not a secret at all!

Everyone has experienced fear at some point in their life, but not everyone knows that fear is really just a shadow ...

Kids will learn the story of the Lion who was the King of Beasts but lost power.

A funny story about Cats will show how important it is to be able to choose friends.

Children will find out why lazy flies don’t do well, but why we take good care of hardworking bees and build hives for them.

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