Christy Astremsky


Life’s so much easier, indeed,
With all your friends around.
But who’s a friend? Can you believe,
It’s simple to find out!

The Sparrow was the Pigeon’s mate
And their relationship was great:
They shared every crumb of bread
And every scrap of food they had.
They flew around the neighborhood,
Just having fun however they could.
Yet a Cat also lived in the yard,
The birds though seemed to disregard –
Cats don't fly in the air, you know.
They prefer napping and lounging so!

One day some boys were playing war
Out on the lawn. And more and more
They ran around with shrieks and groans.
They had a slingshot and some stones.
A target was required
And at the birds they fired!
They hit the Pigeon, sadly –
His wing was hurt so badly.
And while the others flew away,
The Pigeon couldn’t. He had to stay.
The flock was gone –
Our poor Pigeon was alone.

He was so petrified and scared!
Alas, the Cat had just prepared
For the hunt – he was not far away.
And stealthily he moved toward his prey.
The Pigeon trembled at the spot –
He was about to be caught!
When someone’s viciously attacked,
The others tend to turn their backs.
There is no fun
In getting caught, and so away they run.
But is it right to leave your friend
In danger from a cat?
Our Sparrow – he could not do that!
He fluffed his feathers, stood up straight,
Got ready to defend his mate!

If you must stand for what is right,
There is no place for fear inside.
Act fast with courage at your side!

The Cat was glad
That Sparrow came so close –
 He wanted that dessert the most!
But as the Cat prepared to pounce
The other birds swooped in at once.
They were not going to back down,
The Cat then heard, “Let’s rally around!”
And so they hit him with their wings,
They pecked him badly with their beaks …
The birds had won the fight, no doubt!
The Cat? He barely made it out.

Yes, our Cat just got what he deserved.
He ran away from angry birds 
Forgetting his “dessert.”

It seems, the Сat had never heard:
Don’t sneak up on an injured bird,
Don’t try to get a meal for free.
His friends will save him, make you flee,
And next time maybe you’ll think twice!
Please stick, dear Cat, to chasing mice!

The Parrot
A collection of five fables 
Including the fable “Friendship”
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