The illustrated fable for children “The Butterfly” from ✧The Parrot✧ collection ✑ by Christy Astremsky
Christy Astremsky

The Butterfly

There was once a pretty Butterfly.
And no one ever could deny
Her beauty. By all her friends
She was admired and adored.
She never ever was ignored:
She always was on guest lists,
They gave her all the best gifts.
And everything would have been fine
But for one thing: she didn’t try
To be nice in return and do the same.
For this is true, if you've got fame,
If friends adore and worship you,
Being kind is something you should do.

But our selfish heroine could care less!
She lived her life without stress,
She came to parties empty-handed
And never helped, only demanded!
The Butterfly preferred to simply fly around,
And just feel happy off the ground.
Instead of helping, she cared only for her.
The word “selfless” was just a blur!
The time has passed,
Her little wings have faded fast.
They aren’t as pretty as before,
Her beauty’s gone, it is no more.
The Butterfly’s not on the lists,
They give her no more lovely gifts.
Her only skill’s to be amused
But it can be no longer used.
She’s lost, confused, in such despair!
Does anybody really care?

What can we learn from this affair?
That life is happy when you share.
When others do nice things for you –
You should be nice to others, too!

The Parrot
A collection of five fables 
 Including the fable “The Butterfly”
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