The illustrated fable for children “TThe Cats” from ✧The Lion✧ collection ✑ by Christy Astremsky
Christy Astremsky

The Cats

Both mixed-breed cats and thoroughbreds
Once gathered in the neighbourhood.
They spoke of food,
Birds, rats,
And surely, they discussed tom cats.

And there was Kitty – a simple cat
Who wasn’t married yet.
So every cat gave her advice
Of course, all very good and nice.

The Siamese would purr:
“I’ll say what I prefer.
You chose the Siamese cat!
A fine boyfriend, you can be sure of that
The tailless are the best!
So I suggest
You choose a decent male without a tail."

There was another well-bred cat
Who listened carefully and said:
“If I were you
I’d choose a Russian Blue.
Who really cares about the tail?
An insignificant detail!
But I‘m that sure you know
Warm fur is crucial though.”
Yes, that discussion was intense.
But there was Whiskers on the fence!
He meowed loudly, couldn’t wait –
He asked out Kitty on a date.
That Whiskers wasn’t a purebred
But Kitty fancied him – enough was said.

She got a sparkle in her eyes
In spite of all the cats’ advice.
She jumped the fence, they went away,
They left the cat club there to stay.
Our Kitty did prefer the walk
With Whiskers to the endless talk.
So we can’t help but state:
Our Kitty’s happy with her mate.
His fur might not be warm or thick
But they have fun together –
That’s the trick.
They’re hanging out, chasing mice,
They don’t need anyone’s advice.
But we will give one: in the end,
To judge by looks is wrong, my friend!
The Lion
A collection of five fables 
 Including the fable “The Cats”
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