The illustrated fable for children “The Cockroach” from ✧The Lion✧ collection ✑ by Christy Astremsky
Christy Astremsky

The Cockroach

There was a cockroach in the pantry who was bound
Among the pots and pans to run and poke around.
As everybody has their own goal and mission,
The cockroach chose to be a politician.
He’d snoop around having on his mind
The promise of a good life for his kind:
To get into the kitchen for a bite,
Or to the sink to quench their thirst and feel all right.
This way the cockroach team would always roam,
Worrying the mistress of the home.
As darkness fell, you’d never fail to hear
Them scouting out somewhere near …
So, this politico soon gained his fame
For he was always running his big game.
His words seemed truthful and sincere,
The eager crowds gathered near
To see him climb a cracked glass vase,
Move up his whiskers, stand up straight …
So popular, so close – within the reach,
He was delivering his speech.
The cockroaches kept following
him everywhere he went,
And soon it was the time to run
for president!
He would have been elected by the creatures
of his kind,
If someone had not opened the door and come inside.

It was the mistress of the house who came in
To take some pickles for a meal, a jar or tin.
The moment daylight made its unexpected entry,
The pandemonium broke loose inside the pantry.
Scared to death, the creatures of his kind
All dashed aside; their leader left behind,
The mistress’ slipper, huge and threatening, advanced
And for survival there was but little chance.
Still, all managed to escape but our main guy.
The mistress struggled not to give an angry cry
When she saw Mr. Politician on the vase.
Her fateful slipper, taken off, started the chase.
But, no, the mistress missed! You call that fate.
Alive and kicking was the cockroach candidate!
Yes, he survived, he wasn’t dead,
Though he had lost, alas, his head.
The mistress’ slipper did the job, in fact,
The head was missing, but the body was intact.
The door was closed and before long
The cockroach life was moving on.
Our headless guy, the cockroach master,
Began to scuttle even faster.
Followed by the crowd as before,
Here and there, to and fro.

One night, however, someone managed to explore
That there was a crack in their pantry door.
So, their headless Leader, brainless, blind,
Led to the exit fellows of his kind,
Nobody wanted to be left behind
And off they went into the night.
The crowd feasted in the kitchen till the morning
Until our mistress came in, yawning …
What happened then? Ok, I daresay,
It was the creatures’ Judgment Day.
The verdict was too hard but just,
Its execution was a must.
The mistress’ slipper was assigned a cruel mission
And crushed them all, including Mr. Politician.
The moral is you’ve got your own head and mind,
So never lose them, friend, nor leave behind.
But if you use another person’s head,
Be careful, watch out, look ahead.
Make sure this organ is in place,
And that this person hasn’t lost their head and face.

But those who follow someone headless, and don’t care,
Should be prepared for a verdict, merciless but fair!
The Lion
A collection of five fables 
 Including the fable “The Cockroach”
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