The illustrated fable for children “The Flies and the Bee” from ✧The Lion✧ collection ✑ by Christy Astremsky
Christy Astremsky

The Flies 
and the Bee

Two houseflies are arguing:
Who’ll eat the beefsteak,
And who’ll have cakes?
Who’s prettier, who’s wittier?
Who’s faster and who’ll get away
From the flyswatter on that day?
Now, look outside! And there you’ll see
A little humble honey bee
Who works real hard for hours upon hours
Collecting pollen from the flowers.

As for those two, back on the table,
They were not able
To escape the sticky tape!
They thought they were so clever
But they got caught, however.
And no one will regret this loss,
We’ll soon forget about it, of course.
We take good care of the bees.
We make sure they can live at ease
And near their beehives freely fly.
They give us honey, so we try
To treat them with respect,
To help them and protect.

The moral reads between the lines:
The lazy bones won’t have support,
The worker bee – gets his reward.
It is so at all times!
The Lion
A collection of five fables 
 Including the fable “The Flies and the Bee”
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