The illustrated fable for children “The Hare and the Bridge” from ✧The Swallows✧ collection ✑ by Christy Astremsky
Christy Astremsky

The Hare and the Bridge

Once forest animals wanted to build a bridge.
But who would do that? They did not know.
They held elections to decided the way to go!

They chose the Hare and followed his instructions.
He said he would take care of this construction.
They trusted and believed the Hare.
So our hero put on airs
And came to the construction site.
He had a briefcase, and inside
There were woodworker’s tools –
So shiny, bright, aligned to rules.
And all the animals were waiting with delight
For work to be conducted –
The bridge to be constructed.
The start was very slow –
The Hare didn’t know
How to proceed. And all he did
Was jumping left and right
Around the construction site.
And then he sawed and drilled the wood
To make believe his skills were good.
After he said, “I did my best!
It’s ready! Time to rest.”

But look … What’s that?
It wouldn’t even hold a cat …
The bridge was wobbly, ugly, weak,
The view of it was really bleak.
The Hare had tried with all his heart,
But soon the bridge would fall apart!
And our engineer repeated
That this was his intent –
It was what he had planned!
And now, expecting an ovation,
He wanted a reward for his creation.

A little Frog tiptoed onto the bridge
With hesitation –
It loudly collapsed and crashed …
Embarrassed carpenter then dashed!
Of course, the animals became upset
And said the engineer was bad.
All were desperate and sad,
Ugh, never had they felt so mad!

But if they thought a little bit:
Who always builtGreat dumbs across the rivers?
Of course, the beavers!
It’s what they always do
Without much ado.
Well-balanced and steady –
Their dumb is ready!

How often people from the crowd
Would trust without any doubt
A simple boaster,
And to collapse it later leads.
Instead, do judge one by their deeds!

The Swallows
A collection of five fables 
Including the fable “The Hare and the Bridge”
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