The illustrated fable for children “The Lion” from ✧The Lion✧ collection ✑ by Christy Astremsky
Christy Astremsky

The Lion

In the savannah wild and wide
There lived a Lion with his pride.
One day he gave his royal bill:
“You’re proud, strong, you always will
Rule the savannah. Never let
The other animals forget:
You are the leaders of this land
And thus our kingship will not end”.
Thereafter lions knew their role –
They kept the land under control.
And so it was.
Nobody ever broke the laws,
The territory always stayed
Safe and protected,
And all the animals respected
The lion pride, the lion clan,
As it had always been the plan.

And everything was going well,
But there came a famine spell.
It was so bad – no one could stay.
The animals just went away.
Rhinoceros moved on,
The zebras and the elephants had gone,
Even the lions had to quit
As the disastrous drought hit.
And the Savannah then stood dry
With snakes and lizards crawling by.
When there’s no leader, there is a mess!
All things went wrong, as you may guess,

And then the cunning Jackal came.
What did he want? Just to proclaim
Himself a leader, a new king!
Alas, no one could do a thing
Because the Jackal rounded up
An army for protection
In case of a rejection.
The Jackal liked the power game
But rainy seasons finally came.
And as the rain began to pour
There was no desert any more:
The land, which was no longer burned
Was blooming with the flowers,
The animals returned.
But wait – who was in power?

The worthless Jackal was the leader –
Alone – not much to be considered,
But with an army of his own
He kept the throne.
Alas, the animals gave in
When they saw Jackal’s evil grin.
And then at last the Lion came back.
He stood
Against the hostile jackal pack
And it was clearly understood,
That he would fight until the end.
He knew what being a leader meant –
Whatever trials fate might send
He would protect his native land
And kick intruders out
Without a scrap of doubt.

The jackals were already scared
When the fierce Lion
Stood and stared.
But when the Lion roared
And stepped a little forward,
It made the jackals’ blood run cold
Ashamed, they hit the road …
Oh yes, they did feel fear and dread
So they just tucked their tails and fled.
So now, you can’t deny:
It’s not enough to occupy
A territory. One’s a king
Who doesn’t fear anything,
Who’s ready to defend his land
Up to the very end.
The Lion
A collection of five fables 
 Including the fable “The Lion”
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