The illustrated collection of children’s fables ✲The Lion✲

The Lion Collection:

This collection of fables will reveal an important life secret, which is actually not a secret at all!
Everyone has experienced fear at some point in their life, but not everyone knows that fear is really just a shadow ...

"The Lion"

In the savannah wild and wide
There lived a Lion with his pride.
One day he gave his royal bill:
“You’re proud, strong, you always will
Rule the savannah. Never let
The other animals forget: ...

"The Shadows"

There is a lake in distant Africa, my friends,
Far it extends.
The nature’s beauty by that lake is rare.
The water is as clear as crystal there.
There is so much wildlife
In that enchanting place! ...

"The Cats"

Both mixed-breed cats and thoroughbreds
Once gathered in the neighbourhood.

They spoke of food,
Birds, rats,
And surely, they discussed tom cats. ...

"The Cockroach"

There was a cockroach in the pantry who was bound
Among the pots and pans to run and poke around.
As everybody has their own goal and mission,
The cockroach chose to be a politician.
He’d snoop around having on his mind
The promise of a good life for his kind: ...

"The Flies and The Bee"

Two houseflies are arguing:
Who’ll eat the beefsteak,
And who’ll have cakes?
Who’s prettier, who’s wittier?
Who’s faster and who’ll get away
From the flyswatter on that day? ...
The Lion
A collection of five fables 
 Including the the illustrated collection of five children’s fables: “The Lion,”  “The Shadows,”  “The Cats,”  “The Cockroach,” “The Flies and The Bee”
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