The illustrated fable for children “The Nightingale and the Crow” from ✧The Swallows✧ collection ✑ by Christy Astremsky
Christy Astremsky

The Nightingale and the Crow

Once in the woods, long time ago,
There lived a Crow.
He was well known
For gossip and bad things alone.
If you got busy
He was right there by your side
To cowardly voice what wasn’t right.

There was a Woodpecker
Who pecked wood
To hunt the bugs
That were no good.
The Crow came up to him,
“Oh, please! Now, don’t you know?
You’re just too old and way too slow!
You will not cope with this!”
The Woodpecker, crying,
Just gave up trying.

The Squirrel gathered nuts to eat,
The Crow was there with “You won’t succeed!
You cannot reach ….”
That was his usual speech.
“It’s not so easy!
You’re too small,
If you get dizzy 
You will fall!”
Alas, our poor Squirrel had believed it all.
Once forest birds were singing.
The evil Crow was swiftly winging
To tell the Nightingale that he was wrong,
“Don’t sing this sappy song!”

The Nightingale, however, felt it did belong!
“My singing is not bad,
And to be honest,
I’m the best performer in the forest.”
Then he addressed the birds,
“Please, friends, now be quiet!
Let’s listen to the words
Of this well-known conductor
And famous choir instructor!
Meet Mr. Crow!”
There was a pause.
It was confusing for the Crow
Because he didn’t know
A thing about music.
And he looked lost, embarrassed, pale,
It was a really epic fail!

Now, have you ever heard
Of people acting like that bird?
They rudely criticize the things you’ve said?
From waking up time till they go to bed!

It goes without saying that
When you’re self-confident, 
You know just what to say 
So they would go away. 
But, if you’re insecure,
You always can be sure –
They will step in
On every whim!
So believe firmly in yourself and reach out for the sky.
Be strong and follow all your dreams,
Don't let them pass you by!

The Swallows
A collection of five fables 
Including the fable “The Nightingale and the Crow”
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