The illustrated fable for children “The Parrot” from ✧The Parrot✧ collection ✑ by Christy Astremsky
Christy Astremsky

The Parrot

A rare and expensive parrot
Lived in a vast, luxurious cage.
They called him Baron.
On top he had a funny crest
And he was praised, loved and caressed.
They always gave him all the best:
Delicious fruits, and nuts, and treats,
And even some exotic seeds.

Nobody could ignore the bird.
Once at a party he had heard:
“Come here, Baron!
You, silly, little parrot!
I’ve got some seeds for you to eat.
Can you remember and repeat?
‘Baron’s a fool,
Baron is dumb;
He’s going mad
For seeds that he has had!
He’s got a funny-looking crest,
There are bird droppings in his nest!’”
Everyone laughed and sneered,
Our hero fluffed when they came near!
With feathers high, he just repeated
And then into his cage retreated:
“Barrron’s a fool,
Barrron is dumb
He’s going mad
For seeds that he has had!
He’s got a funny-looking crest
There are bird droppings in his nest!”
A burst of laughter, claps, delight!
The audience had fun that night.
Our Parrot earned some tasty seed,
He was a real success, indeed.

Just like that, with admiration,
Baron lived without frustration.
But one day they forgot to close his cage.
He spread his wings and flew offstage.
Without thinking much
He flew away just on a hunch.
Yes, he was scared at first,
But then he thought, “I’m Baron!
I’ve courage that will burst!”
That heady thought flashed through his mind
And so he left his doubts behind.
The lightest breeze caressed his crest,
A green of trees he noticed best,
A nice, good-looking meadow
And an inviting shadow.
He landed in a tree and spied
Some forest birds that flocked inside.
They argued loudly and cavalier.
Our Baron thought, 
“I must be here and interfere!”
And he stepped forward with a smile and cheer.

A Sparrow said, a little jealous of his crest:
“Just look at him ... Who are you, sir?
You flew here with such a blur!”
“I’m Baron! What is all the fuss about?
Why do you scream and fight and shout?”
“The poetry,” the Sparrow humbly said,
“We are discussing what is good or bad,
And what is art.”
“Oh, art is what I do!
So, who’s the best of you?”
“The thing is, we just can’t decide!
The birds have read
Their verses, full of pride.
The Dove wrote about love,
The Nightingale told us a tale …
“Enough! Enough!” the Parrot cried.
“There is one thing I can’t deny!
I am the one! I am the best!
I have the most exquisite crest!”
Then he puffed up with pride
While others stared from the side!

When all the birds
Looked at his feathers,
They believed his words.
They thought, “He must be right,
With plumes so bright,
He must be bright himself.
For sure, he could write …”

The Sparrow said, “Sir, you’re the best.
You surely are above the rest!
But could you, please, recite for us
Your new poems without fuss?”

So Baron then revealed his masterpiece –
It was a confident release:

“Barrron’s a fool,
Barrron is dumb
He’s going mad
For seeds that he has had!
He’s got a funny-looking crest
There are bird droppings in his nest!”
At first the birds went quiet.
They simply didn’t buy it!
So, shocked and speechless too,
They laughed till they turned blue!
They kicked the Parrot out.
Baron sulked about.

If you are talented and bright
You can be proud, that’s all right.
But here’s the thing, my friend,
To have a really happy end,
You need to know
What you can do, what you can show
Before you start to boast.
As far as pretty feathers go,
See, at the very most,
They’ll earn a little nest
For you
With seeds and treats at best.

The Parrot
A collection of five fables 
 Including the fable “The Parrot”
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