The illustrated collection of children’s fables ✲The Parrot✲

The Parrot Collection:

Five stories from this collection will demonstrate to kids important life truths and rules, such as: don’t be “just a pretty face," you also need to be competent and helpful to others; a flatterer is not going to find honor but punishment; if you do not help others, everybody will forget about you in the end

"The Parrot"

A rare and expensive parrot
Lived in a vast, luxurious cage.
They called him Baron.
On top he had a funny crest
And he was praised, loved and caressed.
They always gave him all the best:
Delicious fruits, and nuts, and treats,
And even some exotic seeds. ...

"The Zebra"

A little Zebra once got lost
And days and nights he wandered, crossed
The unfamiliar fields in grief, 
Roamed the hills without relief. 

Suddenly he saw some zebras
When walking through a plain.
He trotted fast and thought, “At last,
My loneliness is in the past,
I’ll never be alone again!” ...


Life’s so much easier, indeed,
With all your friends around.
But who’s a friend? Can you believe,
It’s simple to find out!

The Sparrow was the Pigeon’s mate
And their relationship was great:
They shared every crumb of bread ...

"The Tiger and the Jackal"

There once lived in the jungle
А Tiger, mean and savage.
By his side there was a Jackal,  
Who learned to hunt and scavenge,
When living in the jungle –
You eat, or you are eaten.
And everybody knows:
Eating your neighbor’s not forbidden ...

"The Butterfly"

There was once a pretty Butterfly.

And no one ever could deny
Her beauty. By all her friends
She was admired and adored.
She never ever was ignored:
She always was on guest lists,
They gave her all the best gifts ...
The Parrot
A collection of five fables 
 Including the the illustrated collection of five children’s fables: “The Parrot,”  “The Zebra,”  “Friendship,”  “The Tiger and the Jackal,” “The Butterfly”
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