The illustrated fable for children “The Seagull” from ✧The Swallows✧ collection ✑ by Christy Astremsky
Christy Astremsky

The Seagull

There lived a Seagull once, who freely flew
Over the deep, majestic sea of blue.
He savored the fish, not knowing
Troubles in life,
No pain, no struggles, not a bit of strife!
But then a stormy hurricane
came rolling by.
The sea was raging, we cannot deny!
The birds were trying to fly away
But they got smashed against the rock
By one more sudden massive wave.

Now, our Seagull did survive –
He found a cave and he's alive.
Since then he didn’t fly that high,
And always had a place to hide.
He didn’t want to take a risk:
The frightful end could be so brisk!
Once as he dove to hunt his prey
And picked up fish to eat that day,
Another predator had seen
Our poor Seagull. Hungry, mean,
The Shark was following the bird.
But nobody got prey that day,
The Seagull and the Shark just sulked away.
Now our Seagull’s slowly straggling there
To find some worms just anywhere.
They're not as tasty as the fish,
But it's the safest ever dish.
He's getting fat; he never flies,
He's looking at the skies sometimes
Where still his friends from older days
Are having fun in their ways.
They dive to depths, they soar up high
Enjoying freedom in the sky!

So that's the fate of cowards, friends:
From storms and problems they escape,
Give up their freedom, become slaves
Of easy meals and days to laze.

The Swallows
A collection of five fables 
Including the fable “The Seagull”
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