The illustrated fable for children “The Shadows” from ✧The Lion✧ collection ✑ by Christy Astremsky
Christy Astremsky

The Shadows

There is a lake in distant Africa, my friends,
Far it extends.
The nature’s beauty by that lake is rare.
The water is as clear as crystal there.
There is so much wildlife
In that enchanting place!
For each and every one
There’s space.
And when the sun at noon
Is very strong,
It beats down
Fiercely on and on.
And every day
When the sun rises high,
Two fishing boats go sailing by.
The fishers row at steady pace:
A long long log
Between the boats they place.
They slowly drag it through the waves.
The shadow like a wall behaves
When the fish stare at it like slaves,
The shadow follows faithfully the tree
To where the sandbars and the shoals would be.
The fish don’t see
The line is fake,
Their shady jail
They cannot break,
And led by shadows,
They swim to where it was planned:
Up to the shallows, near the land.

And so, they reached the shallow spot,
Again this simple trick has worked!
Our fishers have as much delicious fish
As they can wish:
They grab the fish with bare hands
And toss them straight into their bags.
With this you cannot but agree:
Some people try to stay risk-free,
And thus get trapped.
They do not want to go too far
And don’t see things for what they are.
The Lion
A collection of five fables 
 Including the fable “The Shadows”
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