The illustrated fable for children “The Swallows” from ✧The Swallows✧ collection ✑ by Christy Astremsky
Christy Astremsky

The Swallows

There was a poultry yard. One day
Some Swallows came along that way.
The yard was full of curious Hens,
Who asked about the southern lands
Where it is never cold.
And so the Swallows gladly told:
“There is a distant southern sea,
And if you fly for weeks,
You’ll see its waves that kiss the shore
And then the mountain peaks.
Those snowy mountains are like walls
But if you fly and fly,
A whole new world for you unfolds
Beneath the starry sky.
It’s full of lovely things to sigh
And the white clouds pass slowly by …”
“If that is true, I want to go there, too!”
Said one Hen, totally impressed.
She left the crowded nest
And took the road.

She made some waddling steps.
Then stumbled, tripped,
Decided she was unequipped,
Fell in the ditch,
She hurried back ... 
And soon she reached
The poultry yard.
Her voyage seemed so long and hard!
From that day on,
She’d stay where she belonged.
Now everybody asked the Hen,
“What did you see? How was it, then?”
And with a silly, pompous face
She said, “Beyond the fence,
My fluffy friends,
There is no beauty!
There are no mountains and no sea.
All you can see
Is mud and dirt!
As for the Swallows – they were lying:
There is no point in flying!”
When our Swallows had returned,
The locals said, “Here’s our Hen,
Who went abroad and who got burned,
There is no beauty in the world!”
They cursed and shouted,
“Fly away!
And don’t come back another day!
Don’t tell us of your ‘distant lands,’
We know it makes no sense!”

So, here’s the story told:
To go beyond and see the beauty of the world
You must be firm, persistent, bold! 
Yet there are still those,
Who cannot see beyond their nose.

The Swallows
A collection of five fables 
 Including the fable “The Swallows”
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