The illustrated collection of children’s fables ✲The Swallows✲

The Swallows Collection:

The Swallows collection includes five fables.
These stories will tell the kids about such virtues as courage, helping others and having confidence
in their own abilities.
Also, children will see the results of cowardice and understand why people really fight.

"The Swallows"

There was a poultry yard. One day
Some Swallows came along that way.
The yard was full of curious Hens,
Who asked about the southern lands
Where it is never cold.
And so the Swallows gladly told ...

"The Seagull"

There lived a Seagull once,
Who freely flew
Over the deep, majestic sea of blue.
He savored the fish, not knowing
Troubles in life,
No pain, no struggles, not a bit of strife ...

"The Hare and the Bridge"

Once forest animals wanted to build a bridge.
But who would do that? They did not know.
They held elections to decided the way to go!

They chose the Hare and followed his instructions.
He said he would take care of this construction ...

"Two Mockingbirds"

There were two Mockingbirds, two friends,
Their friendship never seemed to end.
And no one really could foretell
A problem – they got on so well.
And there was an evil Crow
Who didn’t want the others
To live like happy brothers ...

"The Nightingale and the Crow"

Once in the woods, long time ago,
There lived a Crow.
He was well known
For gossip and bad things alone.
If you got busy
He was right there by your side
To cowardly voice what wasn’t right ...
The Swallows
A collection of five fables 
 Including the the illustrated collection of five children’s fables: “The Swallows,”  “The Seagull,”  “The Hare and the Bridge,”  “Two Mockingbirds,” “The Nightingale and the Crow”
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