The illustrated fable for children “The Zebra” from ✧The Parrot✧ collection ✑ by Christy Astremsky
Christy Astremsky

The Zebra

A little Zebra once got lost
And days and nights he wandered, crossed
The unfamiliar fields in grief, 
Roamed the hills without relief. 

Suddenly he saw some zebras
When walking through a plain.
He trotted fast and thought, “At last,
My loneliness is in the past,
I’ll never be alone again!”
But no,
It was a herd of horses, white as snow.
They chewed the grass with appetite
And they were not at all polite.

The main White Horse came up and asked,
“Who are you?”
“He’s an outcast!”
Somebody shouted. And at once
They stopped chewing at the grass.
Then shouted with an angry stare,
“Look at his stripes, he can’t compare!”
So they continued to shout
And chased poor Zebra out.
The Zebra was about to cry,
But he went on – he had to try
To find his native zebra herd.
At last, he did! Or so he thought …
At least there was a likelihood.
He raced as quickly as he could.
He saw some horses in a pack
And as a pitch they all were black …

And then, when he got close,
He met the main Black Horse
Who asked, “Who would you be?
You are not black, as we can see,
So you can’t stay. Now go away!”
The angry stallion told him so –
Our little Zebra had to go.
Again the Zebra was alone.
He walked and wandered on his own,
He was frustrated and upset.
Once more that day his eyes were wet –
He felt so lonely and so sad.

But then he heard a voice that said,
“Look, Mommy, have you ever met
A white horse with the stripes of black?”
To that, his mother said right back,
“This horse is black, the stripes are white!
Is he not an amazing sight?
You didn’t know? Oh silly you!
Go ask your Dad, he knows it’s true.”

The Zebra’s tears dried in surprise.
He saw two pairs of friendly eyes.
There were two horses standing there –
A chestnut colt and spotty mare.
A stallion came closer too,
“Oh, does it matter what is true:
Are white stripes on the black there found
Or it’s the other way around?
For, either way, you should be kind
To any horse, of any kind!”

That was what our Zebra heard.
Indeed, the horses in that herd
Were red, black, yellow-spotted, bay,
White, brown, orange, bluish-grey,
They told the Zebra: “Come with us,
Be our friend! Enjoy some grass!”

So since that day up to this date,
Our striped friend has been doing great.
He feels so happy, loved and proud
With all his different friends around!

The Parrot
A collection of five fables 
 Including the fable “The Zebra”
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