The illustrated fable for children “Two Mockingbirds” from ✧The Swallows✧ collection ✑ by Christy Astremsky
Christy Astremsky

Two Mockingbirds

There were two Mockingbirds, two friends,
Their friendship never seemed to end.
And no one really could foretell
A problem – they got on so well.

And there was an evil Crow
Who didn’t want the others
To live like happy brothers.
He had a very jealous heart
And dreamed of tearing friends apart.
The Crow then went ahead and said aloud,
“Your mate, the Mockingbird,
Declared just now:
He’s very sick and tired of you.
That’s what I’ve heard, it’s totally true!”

Then, when he met the other friend
He said again those ugly words.
Oh, poor, trusting Mockingbirds!
And now just take a look at those two friends!
Once they were really close –now foes on end:
They’re arguing and fiercely fighting,
Not even thinking of uniting!
And all the birds would gather
To bring them back together.
Alas, in vain:
They wouldn’t listen, they’d complain,
They’d blame each other once again.

And where’s the Crow?
He’s in the tree
As happy as the Crow can be.

So it is clear to see, from me to you,
The story’s moral is true blue:
If best friends quarrel,
If friendship’s blighted –
There is for sure someone behind it who’s surely delighted!

The Swallows
A collection of five fables 
Including the fable “Two Mockingbirds”
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